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Ekalavya Hansaj shares his insights on the high revenue growth of Quarterly Global

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Our Editor; Portia recently caught up with Ekalavya Hansaj, the Founder of Quarterly global at his residence. Ekalavya Hansaj talks about how he got the ideas for his business and how did he develop key partnerships. 

Que 1: How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

We wanted to be the ‘Best Bet for Consultative marketing and advertising Solutions based on Intellectual Property’.

When I started Quarterly Global, the only source for companies to gain IP-based strategic business intelligence across the entire marketing and advertising departments that could impact their bottom line or top line were big consulting organizations, which was extremely expensive.

IP based marketing and advertising research had already started; however, people were only utilizing teams for straight-forward lead generation, validations, landscape searches and not so much for the strategic business intelligence across the entire marketing and advertising functions.

As an individual who loved his job as top end marketing and advertising consultant –I used to exhaustively brainstorm about the possibilities of strategic insights across the marketing and advertising departments obtainable through patents. I discovered that possibilities were endless, and if we delivered them through teams in India and US both, Quarterly Global could be the next big leader in marketing, advertising and PR. This way we were able to open the market to a whole new customer segment as companies started seeing better results and fresh insights. This appeared to be an opportunity worth pursuing. All I needed to do was to get our message out – and showcase the possibility.

While inking a successful journey of over 6 years, Quarterly Global has helped clients by delivering IP related business insights across entire marketing and advertising functions, gauging industry trends & innovation in the respective domains and keeping track of new technologies that can help us deliver far better marketing and advertising solutions. Furthermore, Quarterly Global counsels clients on how they can further monetize their offering and what is disrupting their market.

Quarterly Global has been successfully solving marketing and advertising related business challenges for start-ups, investors, universities, SME’s and Marketing and advertising agencies. It has customers in over 15 countries and has completed over 2,500 projects in more than six languages. Recently, Quarterly Global bagged the Global Business Excellence Award for devising an innovative model that enables companies to manage their large product portfolios more efficiently, by leveraging a mix of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and manual analysis by experts. 

Que 2: How did you develop key partnerships?

In the beginning, the focus was to deliver high quality work, i.e., technically accurate, intelligent and insightful analysis of patent data that could help our customers take important multi-million-dollar decisions. 

Now, we’re at a stage where we want to leverage the strengths of others in the industry to create a win-win situation so that our customers can get a combined offering which wasn’t available to them earlier, while we and our partners get more business by leveraging each other’s networks.

Que 3: What is unique about your business?

IP is a core and critical component of any business and Quarterly Global helps companies build and strengthen this core by supporting companies in making strategic decisions for their company’s future – e.g., new markets to enter, companies to acquire and new products to launch and new innovations to make. 

Considering this, we have uniquely positioned ourselves in the following ways:

This makes us unique, as we offer our customers a local, on-shore, same-time-zone customer support while leveraging the multi-lingual, premium delivery ecosystem. 

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